Have you ever wondered why the Irish flag looks so similar to the Italian flag? Could it be that deep down in every Irish soul beats the hot blooded Mediterranean passion of a 3.9 liter turbocharged Ferrari Spider engine!? Whatever your thoughts or opinions are fact is over 250,000 Italians visit Ireland each year.

So without being in Italy, how can one in Dublin ensure you are enjoying the finest Italian food, restaurants and service to maintain ‘La Dolce Vita’ that most sons and daughters of Italy experience as standard?

We have researched every nook and cranny of the city to come up with an exclusive one day itinerary that includes 11 ways to help make sure you experience the real Italia while staying in Dublin.

Here are 11 Ways to Live Truly Italian in Dublin for One Day:


Early Breakfast @ Dolce Sicily 

Breakfast is of course the most important meal of the day and in Italia it normally consists of something sugary to keep up the energy levels. As you could have guessed by their name this lovely place has some of the tastiest pastries to help you survive the action packed day we have in store. 

t: 086 840 7360  



a: 43 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 (Google Map)

Mamma Mia_dublin_love_italian_life

Coffee @ Mamma Mia

Once you’ve fuelled up with some hearty Italian breakfast, be sure to grab the cornerstone of every Italian morning…an authentic short sharp shot of espresso coffee from these friendly folk.

t: 01 676 9981  



a: 2 Grattan Street, Dublin 2 (Google Map)


Morning Cooking Class @ Italian School of Cooking

OK now it’s time to enjoy and share in the simple pleasures of life while having some fun in the process to learn the art of cooking authentic Italian cuisine from expertly trained chefs who guess what, are from Italy.

t: 01 460 8800  



a: Unit C4, City Link Business Park, Old Naas Road Dublin 12 (Google Map)


Shopping @ Little Italy

After a spot of cooking, you are now in great spirits to stock your cupboards at home with premium quality food and wine brands from the largest Italian gourmet shop in Ireland – you can even take part in their popular food sample events.

t: 01 8725208  



a: 139a/140 North King Street, Dublin 7 (Google Map)


Lunch @ Pacinos

All that shopping has made you work up an appetite for lunch so it’s reassuring to know that this Italian restaurant has been serving the good people of Dublin for almost 20 years. The Chef Patron Luca Mazza brings authentic Italian cooking using the highest quality ingredients.

t: 01 677 5651  



a: 18 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2 (Google Map)


Lunch 2.0 @ Toscana

We wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we couldn’t recommend another nice idea for ‘pranzo’ (that’s the Italian word for lunch!) which is why this restaurant is an interesting option if you want to combine ripe organic fruit and vegetables with modern Italian cuisine. It’s also a suitable choice for an Early Bird or Pre theatre bite to eat as it’s so close to the Olympia Theatre.

t: 01 6709785



a: 3 Cork Hill, Dame Street, Dublin 2 (Google Map)


Relaxing Aperitif @ Belluccis

The day is now flying by as it’s already the early evening so it’s time to relax and head to this classy New York style Italian restaurant in the exclusive D4 area for a cheeky alcoholic beverage or two. If you’re not too sure what to have we recommend you try their Italian craft beers such as Menabrea or perhaps a refreshing cocktail or aperitif such as an Aperol Spritz.

t: 016689422   



a: 22-30 Merrion Rd, Pembroke – Rathmines, Dublin 4 (Google Map)


Dinner @ Pinocchio

So the Dublin sunset is drawing to a close and when in Rome do as the Romans do or when in Dublin do what the true Italians do and head to this super Ranelagh or Temple Bar restaurant. They offer one of the most authentic Italian cuisine and ‘Gastronomia’ experiences in the city.

t: 01 4608800



a: Luas Kiosk, Ranelagh Road Dublin 6 (Google Map)

a: Pudding Row, Essex Street West, Temple Bar Dublin 8 (Google Map)


Dinner 2.0 @ Dunne & Crescenzi

We love to offer choice and with over 5 different locations and 15 years experience this restaurant takes great pride in serving you simple Italian cuisine with high quality ingredients, authentic hospitality and a strong selection of Italian wines to enjoy.

t: 353 1 524 0628



a: 16 Frederick St S, Dublin (Google Map)

a: 11 Seafort Ave, Dublin 4 (Google Map)


Italian Holiday @ Discovery Puglia

George Miller famously said the trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you’re hungry again. So why not prepare for this delightful inevitability by booking an Italian holiday to Puglia with this local Dublin travel agency who are experts in this southern Italian region. Puglia has become one of the most popular destinations for real Italian holidaymakers offering amazing food, castles, caves, nature reserves and sandy beaches.

t: 01 254 42 80  



a: 19 Hazel Rd, Dublin, Co. Dublin City (Google Map)


Italian Holiday 2.0 @ The Italian Travel Boutique

Then again if you are planning a break to Italia and would like to go for one of the classic tourist destinations such as the Italian Lakes, Tuscany, Sardinia or Sicily then this knowledgeable and friendly travel agency on the border of Dublin/Wicklow will be able to assist any enquiry you might have.

t: 01 276 8114  



a: 22, Killarney Villas,Main St, Bray (Google Map)

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