3 Italy Vacations You Must Take In Your Lifetime
With everything Italia has to offer I’m sure you’ll agree it is quite difficult to know where to start when it comes to planning Italy vacations. In this blog post we will provide you with three of our stunning Italy vacations that will simply make your life much easier (you can thank us later ;-). So even if you are a pure Italy Virgin or have lost count on how many times you have been to Bella Italia, we’re confident you will find these insights valuable:

1. Rome, Florence, Tuscany & Umbria


As capital of the ancient empire, leading historians state that the majority of the civilized world was ruled from Rome. Romulus and Remus are considered to have founded Rome in 753 B.C. which was often titled as “Caput Mundi” meaning Capital of the World. Nowadays it is one of the most enchanting international cities to visit and is firmly at the top of the list for European destinations for tourists – no where in the world boasts more historic monuments with every inch of the city draped in rich civilisation. The New York Times & Lonely Planet have some nice articles you can check out on visiting Rome.
Tuscany is without doubt a colossal epicentre of timeless culture and political heritage acting as a vital pillar in the creation of the Italian society we all love and cherish today. The formation of the Italian Renaissance was largely down to the passionate artists of the Tuscan landscape which comprises an unimaginable beauty of sun-drenched vineyards. Discover Tuscany & The Guardian prove to be valuable resources when venturing around Tuscany. 
If you have heard of some lesser known artists named Leonardo da Vinci & Michelangelo, you will be delighted to know that many of their classic masterpieces were born in the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence. People from every corner of the globe have been travelling to Florence to lay eyes on local artistic jewels in the crown such as the Botticelli smiles and Donatello bronzes. At the same time it would be a cultural crime not to visit local Tuscan towns such as Pisa, Siena & Lucca. Around Tuscany provide a handy 10 Things You Have To Do in Pisa.
Very close to these wonderful cities is the adjoining region of Umbria with local towns being constructed from millions of tons of historic rocks which were created by previous indigenous generations of craftsmen. Some of the most popular cities to visit on Italy vacations in Umbria include Perugia, Assisi, Spoleto & Gubbio. Bella Umbria offer some valuable insights into the region.


2. Venice, Veneto & Dolomites


A life has not been truly lived if one has not been fortunate enough to witness the magical charm that encapsulates the city of Venice which is closed situated within the region of Veneto and the incredible Dolomites.
Architectural splendor awaits visitors in the Veneto and includes an excellent selection of museums and extraordinary sights between the vast land encompassing Verona, Lake Garda and the Adriatic. For so many years the economy of Veneto has depended on the popularity of Venice due to the romantic treasures of gems such as Basilica di San Marco, Amorous Waterways and Palazzo Ducale which continue to sink slowly into the Sea. Lonely Planet offer useful advice on all Venice has to offer.
You can not help to visit other local spots such as the true home and city of where Romeo & Juliet originated which is none other than Verona where it is closely situated next to Vicenza.
Another region one must make allowances for is Trentini-Alto Adige which contains marvellous cultural treasures along with fun activities including the ski resort Cortina d’Ampezzo. Serving as a nice taster for experiencing the Austrian side of Italy, you might like to make arrangements to swing by Trent (Trento) which is the capital of Trentino.
A must see area of northeastern Italy is the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia with the capital being Trieste. This is a remarkably vibrant and cosmopolitan corner of Italy due to having close culturally rich ties of Romanesque-Gothic and Byzantine heritage. 

3. Naples, the Amalfi Coast & Capri


If you want to be truly reminded of the ancient Roman empire era then there is no finer place to experience then the region of Campania. The undisputed epicentre of this part of Italy is Naples which is closely located to wondrous locations of the Amalfi Coast as well as Capri. Campania is also famous for being a mythological reference to ancient stories of the past such as the lakes being described as the entrance to the kingdom of the dead and ancient ruins such as Herculaneum and Pompeii. The New York Times & Time Out offer some interesting reviews on Naples.
When visiting Naples, must see excursions include a diverse choice of museums and if one wants to escape the hustle and bustle of the city then we advise going to Portofino or Capri to soak up the sun. When doing the famous Amalfi Drive, lovely spots to visit are Positano, Ravello, Sorrento & Amalfi.

So what did you think about these Italy Vacations and do you know anyone in your circle of friends or family that might them helpful when planning a holiday to Italy? Feel free to share this Blog post with the wider Love Italian Life community on Facebook and Twitter today.

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