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Have you ever mosied on down the Italian Foods & Beverages aisle with your trolley staring at the boring Tesco, Dunnes and Supervalu own brands and thought to yourself “Am I missing out on real authentic products one might find in an exciting monumental supermarket in Italy?” Imagine if you and your Irish shopping trolley were suddenly teleported into the food and beverages aisles of a Roman, Milanese or Venetian supermarket and given an hour to do your grocery shopping – what would you buy?

Here are 4 tasty Italian Foods & Beverages to Sweeten Your Life in Dublin:

1. Pan di Stelle

Pan di Stelle are chocolate star shaped biscuits from Mulino Bianco made with cocoa and hazelnuts and are one of the greatest selling products that Italy exports worldwide. They are ideal for a morning breakfast with many adults buying them for children to have with milk while often helping them to finish them off at the same time with their coffee!

2. Bauli croissants

Both the Cream and Cocoa Croissant from Bauli bring a touch of Italian sophistication to the breakfast table. It’s smooth cream paired with the fresh puff pastry of the Croissant makes this snack irresistible while the filling oozes out with every bite taken. It contains a “mother dough” making the croissants soft and flavourful with a delicious aroma meaning they also stay fresh for longer than most bread or cakes, without any preservatives inside.

3. Cannoli Shells

Cannoli are one of the tastiest pastries from the Sicilian region which have spread with global appeal particularly in Italian-American cuisine. In the singular form they are called cannolo which means ‘little tube’ and are tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough. These shells are then normally filled with delicious creamy sweet fillings containing ricotta or mascarpone and are popular after dinner treats.

4. Aperol Spritz

Ask any Italian person what is the most popular beverage to have as an aperitif in Italy, they will all give you the same answer which is the classic Spritz which can be made with Aperol or Campari. It is considered the perfect ice-breaker to bring together family and friends at any bar or beach or social gathering and is extremely popular in the hot summer months. The secret recipe was created in 1919 in Padua and is said to be an infusion of carefully selected ingredients including bitter orange and rhubarb.

The great news is that you don’t actually need to hop on a plane to Italia. All four of these authentic Italian products and special hampers for Christmas can be found at Little Italy in Smithfield Dublin 7 (See Map Here) which is the largest specialist supplier of Italian food and beverages in Ireland – they can even deliver them to your door! You can thank your amici at Love Italian Life later – now go sweeten up your life in Dublin!

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