What two things does Naples, Campania, Sicily, Sardinia, Bari, Abruzzo and Calabria all have in common? The obvious one is that they are all Southern Italy locations, the other being they all produce incredibly tasty Southern Italian food that will make your Italian food tastebuds tingle. The south of Italy offers bolder braver food and flavour combinations that embody the heart, soul and hot blood of the interesting people and warm lands of spicy peppers and olive oil.
However what are the best southern Italy food recipes to sample?

Lucky for you, your mediterranean folks at Love Italian Life are here to help. We are delighted to present 7 glorious southern Italy food recipes you need in life.

1. Culurgiones

Culurgiones are hands down the stuffed pasta crown jewel of Sardinia with a diverse range of recipes from different regions. They are unique ravioli shapes that look like ears of wheat and contain Pecorino Cheese, Potato, Onions and are made by experienced Sardinians due to a local special hand sealed technique that has been passed down by generations of families to create this tasty delicacy.

Here is a interesting recipe from the Godfather of Italian cuisine Antonio Carluccio.

2. Troccoli

This is a proud traditional type of pasta that originates from Lucanian and Apulian cuisines and is similar to spaghetti because of it’s unique production methods. Troccoli is made using a special groove like rolling pin to cut dough into strips that are 3-5 MM. thick. The key ingredients used are durum wheat flour, water and eggs and feature a oval cross or square design for cooking.

Check out this tasty recipe from Cooking With Nonna.

3. Caprese salad

This fresh simple dish which is named Insalata caprese in Italian means the salad of Capri and was originally made to reflect the colours of the Italian national flag. The best ingredients to make it often consist of Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomatoes and Green Basil with a generous dressing of Extra Olive Oil. The original recipe is said to come from a Trattoria in Capri called Trattoria da Vincenzo where local visitors would go for a light bite in the 1950s.

Rachael Ray from The Food Network provides her Caprese Salad recipe.

4. Parmigiana di melanzane

This Sicilian speciality is one of the southern Italian food classics that is embraced and cooked all over Italy as one of the most famous vegetable dishes. It is made with a sliced aubergine filling which is mixed with mozzarella and tomatoes and then baked in an oven with many variations to choose from.

Sarah Cook from BBC Good Food has an excellent recipe to check out here.

5. Calzone

Calzone in the Italian language means “trouser” or “stocking” and is a unique pizza recipe from Naples that is oven baked with it’s key ingredients being cooked inside the dough of the pizza which takes a folded shape. The most popular ingredients include Mozzarella, Parmesan, Pecorino, Ham and Salami. Calzone is normally made from salted bread dough and cooked in an oven, but it is also possible to eat a smaller fried version with Mozzarella and Tomato called Panzerotti which is a speciality made in Apulia.

Academia Barilla show how Calzone should be made.

6. Polenta Crostini

Polenta Crostini are popular dishes ideal as tasty appetizers to accompany primo or secondo dishes or as an antipasto before a main dish. The main ingredient is cooked polenta which is made into thin layers and broken into smaller pieces with it being possible to grill, deep fry or bake traditional crostini.

Here is a good Polenta Crostini recipe from Mangia Bene Pasta to try.

7. Cannoli

Cannoli in Italian means “little tube” and is a ancient dessert recipe made famous in Sicily which  has enjoyed terrific global success especially in America. They are tube shells of fried pastry dough which normally have a sweet ricotta filling. Cannoli originates from Palermo and were once only prepared to celebrate Italian Carnival festivities but due their enormous popularity can now be found and enjoyed all year long.

Epircurious give a tasty Cannoli recipe idea.

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