Dublin | Thursday 11th October 2018

2018/10/11 03:30:23

The Love Italian Life 2018 Awards is a unique international red carpet ceremony celebrating the greatest contemporary Italian restaurants and their authentic Italian chefs across Italy, UK and Ireland voted for by the public.

This international event is also a superb networking opportunity bringing together a community of Italian culinary masters for one incredible night in Dublin (Read HERE for more event details). Each individual can celebrate their success to experience, learn and share in each other’s passion, skills and expertise for authentic and contemporary Italian cuisine.

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Save The children in Italy (Click HERE to watch video of their work)

The Save the Children organization responds to child victims of national Italian emergencies including those affected by the Amatrice, Emilia-Romagna and L’Aquila earthquakes. They also work to help children caught in the ongoing refugee and migrant crisis in southern Italy.

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What are the Rules of the Awards Voting Process?

*The Best Contemporary Italian Restaurant in Italy Awards is the only international awards ceremony in the world celebrating the greatest gastronomic restaurants in Italy offering the finest culinary experiences in the country. For the first round of public voting, 60 Michelin Star restaurants across all major Italian regions are selected by a panel of independent Italian experts including renowned critics, award winning writers and exhibition judges. Each of these locations will compete against one another locally via an online public vote for the chance to win the proud status of being the Best Contemporary Italian Restaurant in their Italian region for 2018. The top two placed restaurants for each of the 15 Italian regions (winning regional restaurant to be announced at award ceremony) will enter the final round of the competition which is the national prize of being crowned the Best Contemporary Italian Restaurant in Italy for 2018. 

*The results are published online and via social media once they have been announced to the final shortlist of Michelin star restaurants, chefs, sponsors and media at the prestigious Love Italian Life Awards 2018 ceremony taking place in Dublin, Ireland on Thursday 11th October.

*None of the employees of the organiser, or of any of the sponsors associated with the awards ceremony, is part of the initial panel of Italian Industry experts deciding the early awards nominations. 

*The initial panel of Italian Industry experts are not allowed to vote for Italian restaurants they own or have a financial interest in and must clearly confirm this fact for each of their initial nominations. 

*The selected Italian Industry experts remain anonymous with regard to being on the panel.

*The Love Italian Life voting process and results are subject to independent adjudication by an external professional services consultancy firm.

*Please note that Calabria, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Sardinia skip the first round of public voting to proceed to the final national vote because there is only one Michelin Star restaurant in each region.