Chef Chiara Pavan of Venissa

According to less than 30% of restaurants across Europe including Italy, the UK and Ireland employ female chefs in their kitchens.

Meet Chiara Pavan from Verona who is looking to change that trend.

I dream of a future in which there will no longer be such gender distinctions – especially in the kitchen” Chiara sincerely tells us.

The young female Italian Chef heads up the Michelin starred restaurant Venissa in Mazzorbo, Veneto and was just nominated for The Best Female Italian Chef in Europe 2019 category at The Love Italian Life 2019 Awards Ceremony taking place in Dublin later this year.

Read the exclusive interview between Chiara and The Love Italian Life Awards HERE.

Chef Chiara Pavan | Venissa | The Love Italian Life Awards
Chef Chiara Pavan with Chef Francesco Brutto of Venissa

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