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Four Ways To Ensure Italian Recipes Mean A Healthy Lifestyle

  Ever wonder why your friends, family and colleagues continue to go on about the benefits of a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle? Maybe it’s because they have just started a diet which explains the nutritional wonders of eating like real Italians, after all according the World Health Organisation Italy currently ranks 6th in the world for […]

The 5 Best Authentic Italian Restaurants in Dublin

The 5 Best Authentic Italian Restaurants in Dublin

The 5 Best Authentic Italian Restaurants in Dublin Video   Love Italian Life visited all the main Italian restaurants in Dublin with a panel of independent Italian experts and food critics. With a careful process of selection they have decided the 5 Best Authentic Italian Restaurants in Dublin for 2017. A big well done to […]


11 Ways to Live Truly Italian in Dublin for One Day

Have you ever wondered why the Irish flag looks so similar to the Italian flag? Could it be that deep down in every Irish soul beats the hot blooded Mediterranean passion of a 3.9 liter turbocharged Ferrari Spider engine!? Whatever your thoughts or opinions are fact is over 250,000 Italians visit Ireland each year. So […]

Watch Italian Carnival Fano Experience Video (Donald Trump Float)

Italian Carnival Fano Experience Video Fano is an enchanting popular seaside resort in Italy on the Adriatic Sea.  It is home to the most famous Italian carnival being the oldest in Italy with a proud 600 year tradition! Extraordinary parade floats such as the hilarious Donald Trump parody this year shower audiences with almost 200 […]


Take Our Italian Quiz 'HOW ITALIAN ARE YOU?'

If you are visiting Love Italian Life we take it you are a fan of everything that Italy has to offer. Either you have an interest in Italy, have been there before, know someone that has or are actually from the country itself! Whatever your connection how about you test your knowledge on the ‘Bel paese’ […]

Why Will Italy Never Eat Domino’s Pizza & Dolmio Sauces?

Designed by Freepik Domino’s Pizza is the largest pizza chain worldwide and recently generated just short of two billion U.S. dollars in revenue with 11,629 store locations to date across the globe. Dolmio Italian-themed cooking sauces are the most popular pasta sauces in the UK and Ireland with 52 per cent of the market according […]

The Top 5 Things To Do In Rome

The Top 5 Things To Do In Rome

  Amazing fact alert….did you know Rome was the first modern city in civilisation to breach a population of one million people by the year 50 BC?!? Only fitting for a city that over the last few years has climbed to the coveted number 3 position on most visited cities in Europe and is the […]

7 Glorious Southern Italy Food Recipes You Need In Life

Embed from Getty Images What two things does Naples, Campania, Sicily, Sardinia, Bari, Abruzzo and Calabria all have in common? The obvious one is that they are all Southern Italy locations, the other being they all produce incredibly tasty Southern Italian food that will make your Italian food tastebuds tingle. The south of Italy offers bolder […]

The Top 10 Most Useful Italian Phrases Ever!

  Have you ever been on holiday and overheard a conversation or phrases by locals that were not in English and thought to yourself “That sounds really interesting…if I only I knew what they were actually on about!?!”.   Let’s be honest we have all been there and the same rules apply when you go […]

6 Exciting & Glorious Italian Foods You Can't Live Without

View image |   Ever felt like you are missing out on a whole host of delicious exciting Italian foods that are only known to locals in Italy and not tourists who appear content with just pizza and pasta?   Well have no fear, Love Italian Life is here! We have come up with […]