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The Michelin starred Costardi Brothers Christian and Manuel of Vercelli in Piedmont have just been nominated for The Best Contemporary Restaurant in Piedmont 2019 at The Love Italian Life Awards 2019 Ceremony taking place in Dublin this November.

Together they have developed an international reputation for revolutionising classic Italian products and recipes into modern creative ideas with unique concepts.

One obvious example is how they took rice which is Piedmont’s most famous crop and made it into over twenty different varieties of Michelin-starred risotto dishes that guests from all over the globe come to taste.

Christian and Manuel Costardi were born into the hospitality industry at Hotel Cinzia which is the home of their restaurant and originally built by their grandfather in 1967. Christian is the older of the two brothers by 9 years having early aspirations of being a chef ever since he was given a dolce forno (a Italian toy oven) at the age of three. At fourteen years old he attended catering college and immediately started working at his grandfather’s Hotel Cinzia in Vercelli, west of Milan.

His brother Manuel is nine years younger and eventually followed suit just like Christian to enter the world of gastronomy. In diverse nature to his brother his culinary interests were more aligned to sweeter dishes which were refined from working at the Four Seasons hotel in Milan with Sergio Mei. Manuel eventually joined his brother Christian in 2005 to work in the kitchen together professionally. The Costardi Brothers soon won their first Michelin star in 2009 and overnight quickly became international ambassadors for Piedmont and the biggest global export of their region – Risotto.

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