100 Best Italian Restaurants🍴in Europe 2019/2020 Digital Flipbook


The Love Italian Life Awards is proud to release its first ever Digital Flipbook featuring The 100 Best Italian Restaurants in Europe over the last 12 months (2019 / 2020) covering Italy, the UK and Ireland.

You can download your free Digital Flipbook here: https://fliphtml5.com/agxmu/jili

The list includes 88 Michelin starred restaurants across 19 regions in Italy as well as six Italian restaurants in London and six in Dublin.

A selection of chefs in the list include:

Alessio Davidè, Andrea Berton, Angelo Sabatelli, Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Aurora Mazzucchelli, Carlo Cracco, Chiara Pavan, Ciccio Sultano, Ciro Sicignano, Claudio Melis, Claudio Pasquarelli, Costardi Brothers, Cristina Bowerman, Davide Oldani, Edoardo Fumagalli, Enrico Crippa, Errico Recanati, Italo Bassi, Floriano Pellegrino, Isabella Potí, Lorenzo Cogo, Massimo Bottura, Mauro Uliassi, Moreno Cedroni, Niko Romito, Nino Rossi, Norbert Niederkofler, Paolo Gramaglia, Paolo Masieri, Patrizia Di Benedetto, Terry Giacomello, Tony Lo Coco, Valentino Palmisano, Valeria Piccini, Vitantonio Lombardo and William Zonfa.


Italy Finalists 2019


The Awards

The Love Italian Life Awards is the industry leader in celebrating the greatest Italian restaurants and chefs in Europe with over 20 diverse awards presented each year. The Love Italian Life Awards is presented in the company of Europe’s most influential Italian chefs, culinary experts and international media. The Love Italian Life Awards has just under a quarter million video views on their social media channels demonstrating the international demand for their unique content to passionate Italian food and culture lovers worldwide.


What are the Rules of the Awards Voting Process?

For the first round of public voting, a shortlist of restaurants across all annual award category regions and cities are selected by a panel of independent Italian food & beverage experts including renowned critics, award winning writers and exhibition judges. Key assessment criteria includes the quality of ingredients, recipe innovation, contemporary Italian cooking techniques, dish presentation and wine pairing selection. Each of these locations enter a local online public vote for the chance to secure the proud status of winning their regional award category. The top two seeded restaurants for each of the regions then enter the last round of the competition with a place at the final awards ceremony. The winning regional restaurants are announced at the awards ceremony as well as the national prize of one location being crowned the Best Contemporary Restaurant in Italy for that year which is decided by a final online public vote for all ceremony final nominees.



The results are published online (loveitalianlife.com/) and via social media once they have been announced to the final shortlist of Italian restaurants, chefs, sponsors and media at the The Love Italian Life Awards ceremony. Further information, photography and video footage is available on loveitalianlife.com/


About The Love Italian Life Awards: The Love Italian Life Awards is the industry leader in celebrating the greatest contemporary Italian restaurants and chefs in Europe.

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