We are delighted to announce that The Love Italian Life 2018 Awards ceremony will be taking place in Dublin, Ireland on Thursday 11th October at the Light House. The Light House is one of Dublin’s most vibrant contemporary arts and culture venues for prestigious events and festivals including the AUDI Dublin International Film festival and has won awards by the Guardian newspaper in the UK.

Dublin was chosen as the host city because it is home to one of the largest Italian communities in Europe with a significant demand for authentic Italian products and services from local Irish residents and Italian professionals living in Ireland.

The Love Italian Life 2018 Awards is a unique international red carpet ceremony honouring the greatest contemporary Italian restaurants and their authentic Italian chefs across Italy, UK and Ireland. This international event is also a superb networking opportunity bringing together a community of Italian culinary masters for one incredible night in Dublin. Each individual can celebrate their success to experience, learn and share in each other’s passion, skills and expertise for authentic and contemporary Italian cuisine. 


The event will celebrate the greatest gastronomic restaurants in Italy offering the finest culinary experiences in the country. 60 Michelin Star restaurants across all major Italian regions are selected by a panel of independent Italian experts including renowned critics, award winning writers and exhibition judges. The top three and two star Michelin restaurants competing in our awards ceremony have over 3.1 million social media followers.

Other awards on the night include: The Best Italian Chef in Europe, The Best Authentic Italian Restaurant in London and The Best Authentic Italian Restaurant in Dublin. A diverse range of food and unique entertainment will also be provided around the main awards ceremony for invited guests, sponsors and media making it a truly unforgettable evening for all.

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