Bruno Barbieri is considered one of the most famous Chefs in Italy and is one of the leading Judges on the popular Sky Italia television programmes MasterChef Italia and Junior MasterChef Italia along with Carlo Cracco and Alessandro Borghese.

As a serial restaurant Entrepreneur with various locations including Italy, UK, US & Brazil – Bruno has more Michelin stars than any other Chef in Italy with a total of seven to date. He is also a successfully published author with more than fourteen Italian Cooking books.

This is the exclusive interview between Bruno and Love Italian Life:

Along with MasterChef Italia, what else are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am working on a tour around Italy focusing on live cooking shows. I am also working on two projects for the imminent opening of two restaurants, one in Italy and the other one in Miami. I have just signed a fashion line for Memory’s  jeans and bags by Bruno Barbieri. At the same time I am working on another book, which will be my fifteenth that is dedicated to street food. For the upcoming winter season, I’m hosting Masterchef 5 and Masterchef Junior here in Italy. I’m also planning to travel and discover new markets in places such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

For most of your life you have always cooked for other people, but can you tell our community what the real Bruno Barbieri loves to eat?

The real Bruno Barbieri today enjoys eating lighter food, biological products and natural food. I prefer eating at home and seldom go to a restaurant if I can help it. I enjoy cooking for my friends and those I love.

How would you describe your philosophy to Italian food?

I am not a person that goes for gastronomical extremes, I like to do my research on products and discover new producers. I feel that when cooking, good research is crucial. When using mediocre products, one ends up with a mediocre dish.


There have been many new high profile Italian restaurants openings around the world recently. Do you think the Italian food scene is changing internationally?

I think so in the sense that Italy is one of the few countries in the world that produces excellent food. Many chefs come to this country to learn how to cook and then travel around the world to implement what they have learnt within various international restaurants.

Which food critic’s opinion do you most respect and why?

The Michelin guide has been fundamental for me and is capable of changing the life of a chef and their restaurant. Guides have the ability to tell a story about the restaurant but also about the chef.

You wrote a famous book called “Cipolle buone da far piangere” which means ‘Good Onions to make you cry’. What advice would you give to a young chef in your kitchen to make sure they don’t end up crying?

I think that a young chef should remember one important thing: in the dish there must be something of himself.

What is your guilty pleasure when eating?


Every time I have a barbecue with my friends I end up making too much food which results in me landing on the sofa to recuperate.


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