Italian Cooking MasterClass offers you the chance to learn Italian Cooking online from the best Michelin Starred Italian Chefs teaching you the art of Italian fine dining at home.

In the Post Pandemic era of travel restrictions all around the round, one of the greatest problems for international tourists these days is not being able to experience the pleasures of Italy. What a shame for a country regarded as one of the greatest in the world for food and culture.

Take Rome for example which Lonely Planet refers to as the European capital for ‘contemporary fine dining and five-star wine’. After Paris, Rome is the 2nd most visited city in the EU which before the pandemic received up to 10 million tourists a year. So in the current era, what can people around the world do to experience the beauty of Roman cuisine and culture if they can’t catch a flight to Rome?

The brand new online education startup Italian Cooking MasterClass think they have the solution. They are about to launch an innovative learning platform of sophisticated video streamed Italian cooking classes presenting the unique stories and recipes from the greatest Italian chefs in the world.

The original idea of, said Co Founder and entrepreneur Neil Cameron was to develop the Netflix MasterClass of high end Italian cooking. However it has now truly developed into something much more unique and inspiring said Cameron, whose vision is to deliver the best Italian fine dining and Italian chef’s stories direct from their restaurants into the homes and kitchens of consumers all over the world.

The new platform makes you feel like you are in Italy experiencing the finest Italian cuisine and dishes that the country has to offer.

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One of the featured recipes in the Cristina Bowerman MasterClass is Lazio Lamb with Carrots which features at her Michelin starred restaurant Glass Hostaria in Rome.

Chef Cristina Bowerman’s Michelin starred restaurant in Rome Glass Hostaria was born in 2004 in the centre of Trastevere, one of the most traditional, antique areas in the capital of Italy. You can easily spot Glass as it represents an exception to the rule: modern, brave and surprising without ever forgetting to be in the heart of Rome, the eternal epicentre of Italian cuisine, tradition, art and culture.

When you are tired of traditional carbonara, cacio e pepe and scottadito that every tourist to Rome normally chooses, Glass offers you a truly rare presentation and unique experience for the senses of the classic Roman ingredients and dishes.

Bold while comforting at the same time, Chef Bowerman is continuously raising the bar of modern Italian gastronomy. She does this by fusing innovative techniques and ingredients which she has accumulated during her research, passion and global travel experiences around the world. 

That Monday lunchtime in Rome within Glass, Bowerman with the help of her chef Chiara prepared some of Cristina’s most internationally regarded signature dishes. These include Lazio Lamb with Carrots, Cacio e Pepe Orzotto e Sea Urchin and Veal, Potatoes & Habanero Sauce. All the recipes were filmed direct to a team of professional cameras, lighting and video production staff.

They were a little tired from the long periods of recording, but absolutely delighted about how the recipes came out and excited to share their Italian cooking secrets with the world.

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Vogue says that Michelin Starred Chef Cristina Bowerman “Is a force to be reckoned with” while Airbnb mentions “You’re about to meet the woman that revolutionised and modernised Roman haute cuisine”.

Whatever your great Italian grandmother was cooking, it was certainly good but its not suitable anymore. What you can learn from my Italian Cooking MasterClass are new techniques, bold flavours, new ingredients and the necessary tools to express your creativity” says Chef Bowerman.

The first Beta version of the platform will officially launch into subscribers’ homes and kitchens on December 1st this year. It starts with Chef Cristina Bowerman, followed by a library of further new Italian cooking classes taught by other great Italian fine dining chefs afterwards.

With each Italian chef sharing hours upon hours worth of stories combined with presentations of their greatest recipes, Italian Cooking MasterClass is an entertaining platform to watch, learn, study, and cook alongside the masters of Italian culinary arts.

“In a post-pandemic-era of global travel restrictions where so many people are not able to fly on a plane to visit the greatest country on earth for food and culture – the world needs a dedicated, premium high end platform for incredible Italian cooking gastronomy” said Cameron. This was said while sampling the Lazio lamb dish with the rest of the production team prepared by Bowerman at her restaurant in the heart of Rome. “We want people to physically move from their living room into their kitchen to deliver the true beauty of Italy direct to their plate and palette at their dining room table.”

All of the different Italian Cooking MasterClasses lead with showcasing the interesting unique story of each Italian chef in relation to their local restaurant, town and region of Italy. This is followed by a number of interesting Italian cooking lessons and recipes which link to an innovative online collection of HD On-Demand videos. These feature the different techniques, methods and ingredients required for students to prepare the dishes at home. The sophisticated online learning platform that operates on recently received $22 million in new technology funding which benefits its learners greatly allowing them to study whenever and however they like to suit their work, life and study balance. 

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Another of the featured recipes in the Cristina Bowerman MasterClass is Veal, Potatoes and Habanero Sauce which also features at her Michelin starred restaurant Glass Hostaria in Rome.

This year is a very fortunate time for Italian Cooking MasterClass to launch due to the huge international appetite for people to develop their cooking skills from beginner home cooks to all levels during the ongoing global pandemic. “We are obviously in the right place at the right time” said Cameron. Cristina Bowerman was one of the first Italian chefs that Cameron reached out due to her solid global credentials as one of the most respected chefs Italy has ever produced. 

As Airbnb puts it “You’re about to meet the woman that revolutionised (and modernised) Roman haute cuisine herself” while Vogue affirms her reputation by stating “Cristina Bowerman is a force to be reckoned with”.

Born in Cerignola which is a small town in Puglia, Italy Cristina decided to move to San Francisco to study law in order to learn “American like an American”. She ended up changing gear to work in a number of different locations across the US including Southern California and Austin, Texas. Austin was where Cristina discovered her love of cooking and decided to become a professional chef. So much so she enrolled and graduated with the maximum score possible at TXCA to obtaining a liberal arts degree. Her first experience in high-end cuisine was under the famous Chef David Bull. Then she decided she needed to create her own style and make it as personal as possible so decided to move to Rome. She was offered many opportunities but eventually decided on Glass Hostaria in Trastevere which she fell in love – it has impressively maintained its Michelin Star since 2010. Cristina is the president of the Ambasciatori del Gusto and has always tried to be a role model for women in the professional world while still finding time to be a public speaker at TEDxMilano Women. She has also received several high profile awards over the years including recognition as “Woman Chef of the Year” by Identità Golose.

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“What you can learn from my Italian Cooking MasterClass are new techniques, bold flavours, new ingredients and the necessary tools to express your creativity” says Chef Bowerman.

Whenever you eat a lot of Italian dishes, from the first bite all the way to the end – they’re always the same, whereas I like to surprise” says Chef Bowerman.

Cameron, 36, born in London to Irish and British parents has worked in education ventures his entire life. He met his Italian wife Anna back in 2007 falling head over heels in love with her while living in Italy to develop a major passion for Italian food and culture in the process. So much so they decided to found The Love Italian Life Awards together which is an annual ceremony celebrating the best Italian restaurants & chefs worldwide.

“Italian food just became a major part of our life together,” said Cameron. “As we became parents we naturally became more focused on great Italian Cooking at home and through our network of talented world class Italian chefs we organically conceived the idea of Italian Cooking MasterClass. With the success of other online courses such as Massimo Bottura’s Modern Italian Cooking MasterClass, we thought we could improve our offering and platform even further”.

The featured Italian culinary experts share the unique ingredients, techniques and flavours that truly define their individual personalities to mirror the best in contemporary Italian fine dining. “When Cristina presents her Cacio e Pepe Orzotto and Sea Urchin dish, you can clearly see the passion, creativity and energy that is going into that plate,” said Cameron.

The online education business model is derived from a current annual fee of $115 for each subscription to the online platform that can be used on smartphones, TV or laptops.

“As per a recent major study by YouGov, Italian cuisine is the world’s most popular internationally. This is why we want to invite anybody to join our platform so they can learn, enjoy, and cook the greatest Italian dishes from the greatest Italian chefs whenever and however they want.” said Cameron. 

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About Italian Cooking Masterclass: Italian Cooking MasterClass is transforming the world of online education by giving every person the chance to learn from the best Italian chefs in the world. ​