What is #LoveItalianLessons?

#LoveItalianLifeLessons is a series of thought leadership events in Dublin where influential Italian chefs and restaurant owners across Ireland, Italy and UK discuss interesting Italian food & beverage issues/concepts through inspirational speeches and thought-provoking debates. 

Why are #LoveItalianLifeLessons valuable?

We feel #LoveItalianLifeLessons creates a fascinating platform of discussion to connect Ireland, UK & Italy with international audiences due to the fact Italian cuisine is also officially the world’s most popular food (YouGov March 2019 Study)

All citizens of Ireland, the UK and the rest of Europe should invest an interest in Italian food & beverage education to help make a positive difference to society now and for future generations. Whether it promotes best practice among top chefs in the fine dining industry or opens up new ideas and initiatives to improve the quality of food education in hospitals and schools – everyone benefits.

What is the format?

  • Leading Italian chefs, restaurant owners or food/beverage experts speak at the event.
  • All are chosen for their innovation, passion and influence on today’s Italian food and beverage culture in Europe.
  • Each speaker with their own unique perspective, talks about an interesting topic for 15 minutes on the cultural, social, environmental and educational aspects of Italian food and beverages.
  • The key emphasis for the talk is on their vision for the future of the Italian food & beverage industries and how we can make things better in Europe as well as on an international level.

#LoveItalianLifeLessons 2019 Keynote Speakers

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