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The Fundamental
Piccolo Lago

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Name: Marco Sacco
Place of birth: Verbania, Piedmont, Italy
Restaurant: Piccolo Lago
Michelin-stars: two

Meet Marco Sacco who was born into the culinary industry transforming the kitchen of Piccolo Lago which has sat on the clear waters of Lake Mergozzo for 20 years receiving a second Michelin star in 2007.

Marco Sacco regards food as the key to understanding the love of life and the world around us. After growing up in his parents’ restaurant he remembers at the tender age of 9 years old when his father sat him on a case of water to watch over a stove of pots – it was in that childhood moment that Marco fell in love with food for the rest of his life.

His innate passion for food evolved into curiosity after travelling to work with other culinary experts. From this valuable experience he returned home from his apprenticeship to develop Piccolo Lago into one of the leading contemporary Italian restaurants in Italy.

Marco Sacco and Piccolo Lago were nominated for 3 award categories  at the Love Italian Life Awards 2018 Ceremony in Dublin:

1. The Best Contemporary Italian Restaurant in Piedmont

2. The Best Contemporary Italian Restaurant in Italy

3. The Best Italian Chef in Europe 

Here is the exclusive interview between Love Italian Life and Marco:

Love Italian Life: What is your earliest memory of cooking in Italy and what did you make?

Marco Sacco: The first dish I made was a risotto with porcini mushrooms from my valley. It had a unique taste and scent, which I still remember to this day. This is the taste of my childhood.

Love Italian Life: Why do you think people are fascinated by Italy, its culture and food?

Marco Sacco: Because it is truly the most beautiful country in the world, the culture, food and art that you breathe in Italy are not found anywhere else.


“In my creations I always start from a single ingredient as a way to build the whole dish”.


Marco Sacco Interview: The Fundamental Ingredients of Piccolo Lago 2

Love Italian Life: You are very proud of your origins and of Italia. Why is it that so many of your colleagues in Italy go abroad to become chefs outside the country?

Marco Sacco: By going abroad there are more advantages for business purposes along with less bureaucracy. Furthermore, the “Made in Italy” brand is recognized with great value in Europe and worldwide. Therefore an Italian restaurant always attracts a good flow of customers.

Marco Sacco Interview: The Fundamental Ingredients of Piccolo Lago 3

Love Italian Life: How would you describe your philosophy to Italian food?

Marco Sacco:  Big products with small realities and little gems to discover through meticulous research – mine is a philosophy of territory.

Love Italian Life: What’s the inspiration behind your dishes?

Marco Sacco: The ingredients are fundamental. Good shopping is the base of a good kitchen. In my creations I always start from a single ingredient as a way to build the whole dish.


“Mine is a philosophy of territory”.


Love Italian Life: What is the secret of your success?

Marco Sacco: It is a success built over time with patience and dedication. It is the sum of good cuisine, a precise service, a beautiful location and a lot of work.

Love Italian Life: What Italian dish is in your heart and why?

Marco Sacco: Carbonara – because it embodies everything that is Italian.

Love Italian Life: What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of coming into the industry as a chef?

Marco Sacco: Work, work, work: humility, knowledge and rigor are at the base of everything.

Love Italian Life: For anyone who hasn’t eaten in Piccolo Lago before, how would you sum up the dining experience?

Marco Sacco: Turn off your mind, turn off the phone, disconnect from the world and let yourself be transported.

Love Italian Life: In your expert opinion, what will the future of Italian cuisine look like?

Marco Sacco: Always more avant-garde with a thought for the future, but paying greater attention to what has been the kitchen of the past.

Love Italian Life: For most of your life you have always cooked for other people, but can you tell our community what the real Marco Sacco loves to eat?

Marco Sacco: Always Bread, butter and anchovies.

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