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Name: Moreno Cedroni
Place of birth: Ancona, Italy
Born: 9th July 1964
Restaurant: Madonnina del Pescatore
Michelin-stars: two

Chef Moreno Cedroni of the two Michelin starred La Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia, Marche was the recipient of The Italian Lifetime Achievement 2018 at The Love Italian Life 2018 Awards. This award honours the outstanding career achievements, industry contributions and culinary excellence of one exemplary Italian chef over their lifetime to date.

Referenced by the Wall Street Journal, Moreno is considered one of the most innovative Italian chefs that carefully balances the intersection of conventional Italian food traditions and curious culinary creations.

Here is the exclusive interview between Love Italian Life and Moreno:

Love Italian Life: What is your earliest memory of cooking in Italy and what did you make?

Moreno Cedroni: Being born in Italy leaves a mark on you, certainly the first dish I ever cooked was just a simple plate of pasta – the type that is prepared when you’re 18 and have just returned home hungry from the disco. It then has to be spaghetti carbonara.

Love Italian Life: Why do you think people are fascinated by Italy, its culture and food?

Moreno Cedroni: People are fascinated by Italy for so many reasons, first of all culture and what is related to it. For example with food – it tells the life of a man, his traditions, the places he has visited and about the products used. All this is down to the climate and its formation that allows you to have all the products a man could ever want. Us chefs live in theme park where we have everything from fish to meat, white truffles, delicious extra virgin olive oil and incredible cheeses. This allows people to discover our villages, towns and cities which in turn helps them identify their culture, traditions and recipes.


“My food is curious and contemporary Italian cuisine that tells a story and is cultured and reassuring”.


Madonnina del Pescatore4

Love Italian Life: You are very proud of your origins and of Italia. Why is it that so many of your colleagues in Italy go abroad to become chefs outside the country?

Moreno Cedroni: Of course, I am proud to have been born in Italy and to be a chef in this great country. In every dish of mine you can recognize my origins which can not be said of many foreign chefs. Looking for a fortune abroad is linked to a difficult economy in Italy.

Love Italian Life: How would you describe your philosophy to Italian food?

Moreno Cedroni:  My food is curious and contemporary Italian cuisine that tells a story and is cultured and reassuring.

Love Italian Life: What’s the inspiration behind your dishes?

Moreno Cedroni: Curiosity, study, travel and comparisons with colleagues from all over the world.


“I combine tradition and creativity that is always moving forward. Mine is a cuisine of flavours, colours and above all light”.


Love Italian Life: What is the secret of your success?

Moreno Cedroni: Work, humility and the improved welfare of my employees.

Love Italian Life: What Italian dish is in your heart and why?

Moreno Cedroni: Spaghetti with clams because it reminds me of my childhood.

Love Italian Life: What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of coming into the industry as a chef?

Moreno Cedroni: For any young people who would like to become chefs I would say that it is one of the most beautiful jobs in the world, but also one of the most difficult and hardest.

Love Italian Life: For anyone who hasn’t eaten in Madonnina del Pescatore before, how would you sum up the dining experience?

Moreno Cedroni: Eating at the Madonnina contains stories that stretch 34 years of history. In between new dishes and pastimes – I combine tradition and creativity that is always moving forward. Mine is a cuisine of flavours, colours and above all light.

Love Italian Life: In your expert opinion, what will the future of Italian cuisine look like?

Moreno Cedroni: In Italy we will continue to eat better at a restaurant – at home a little less since there are no more traditional mothers and grandmothers who cook for the whole family.

Love Italian Life: For most of your life you have always cooked for other people, but can you tell our community what the real Moreno Cedroni loves to eat?

Moreno Cedroni: The most simple and natural dishes, from spaghetti to clams, to anchovies or anything tasty to be eaten with your fingers.


Moreno Cedroni is a nominee for the Love Italian Life ‘Best Italian Chef in Europe Awards 2018’. His restaurant ‘Madonnina del Pescatore is also nominated for the ‘Best Contemporary Italian Restaurant in Marche Award 2018’ which is the first regional round of the national ‘Best Contemporary Italian Restaurant in Italy Awards 2018’.

All award finalists and winners will be announced at the official ‘Love Italian Life Awards Ceremony 2018’ on October 11th in Dublin (See HERE for more information).

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