Best Contemporary Italian Restaurant in italy Awards 2018

Best Contemporary Italian Restaurant in Italy Awards 2018

Love Italian Life is proud to announce that the Best Contemporary Italian Restaurant in Italy Awards 2018 will take place in the coming months. This is the only awards ceremony celebrating the greatest gastronomic restaurants in Italy offering the finest culinary experiences in the country. The process started with a shortlist of 60 Michelin Star restaurants […]


8 Fantastic Things To Do In Florence

View image |   It really is very simple – if you want to see the birthplace of the Renaissance, then you must see the Italian city of Florence or Firenze as it is known in Italy.   Probably no other place in history between the 14th and 16th century holds greater responsibility in […]

The Secrets of the Mediterranean Diet & Italian Food Lifestyle

View image |   If you are a fan of Italy and Italian food then prepare yourself to find out what is the most famous secret of the Italian lifestyle. Often we hear about the Mediterranean Diet but, what is it?   The first thing to explain is that this is not a diet […]

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6 Incredible Italian Dishes To make You Scream Mama Mia!

  Is it any surprise that people in the USA, Italy and UK consume a whopping combined 4.2 million tonnes of pasta every year? Pasta and Italian dishes overall are a vital part of daily cuisine for millions of us every day. Your trusted experts at Love Italian Life have taken the time to carefully […]

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Exclusive Interview With U.S. MasterChef Winner Luca Manfè

Luca Manfè is the world famous Italian Chef from Friuli-Venezia Giulia who moved to New York to follow the American Dream and in doing so achieved one of them by winning the U.S. Fox Television Show MasterChef with his recent finale attracting over 6 Million viewers. Luca has the honour of being the first male contestant and […]

Top 5 Italian Truffles Recipes That Taste Amazing

  Many chefs refer to them as the ‘Diamond of the Kitchen’, others just adore the aromatic aroma that these tasty treasures give off. A white one that weighed over 4 pounds and was the size of an american football recently sold for $61,250 at a Sotheby’s auction in New York. Still scratching your head? […]

The Ultimate Top 10 Things To Do in Milan

  Which City in the world is the urban and classical intersection of powerful fashion, design, culture, business and football? Before anyone fires off a hundred answers, Love Italian Life will stop you right there with the most obvious one…Milan of course!   For over a hundred years Milan was the Roman Empire’s capital and […]