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Lorenzo Cogo Interview: Youngest Michelin Starred Chef

  Meet Lorenzo Cogo, the youngest Michelin starred Chef in Italy after opening his first restaurant ‘El Coq’ in Veneto at the tender age of 25. Lorenzo has a culinary repertoire of global restaurant experience which has included him working in kitchens alongside other food experts such as Heston Blumenthal, Mark Best, Seiji Yamamoto and […]


11 Ways to Live Truly Italian in Dublin for One Day

Have you ever wondered why the Irish flag looks so similar to the Italian flag? Could it be that deep down in every Irish soul beats the hot blooded Mediterranean passion of a 3.9 liter turbocharged Ferrari Spider engine!? Whatever your thoughts or opinions are fact is over 250,000 Italians visit Ireland each year. So […]

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Interview With Top London Italian Chef Francesco Mazzei

Francesco Mazzei is considered one of London’s best Italian chefs while being a regular guest on popular BBC shows Saturday Kitchen and MasterChef UK. Born and raised in Calabria, Francesco is a proud advocate of Southern Italian food specialities and is famously good friends with Oscar nominated Italian American actor and cookbook author Stanley Tucci […]


Interview With MasterChef Italia Judge Bruno Barbieri

Bruno Barbieri is considered one of the most famous Chefs in Italy and is one of the leading Judges on the popular Sky Italia television programmes MasterChef Italia and Junior MasterChef Italia along with Carlo Cracco and Alessandro Borghese. As a serial restaurant Entrepreneur with various locations including Italy, UK, US & Brazil – Bruno […]

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6 Incredible Italian Dishes To make You Scream Mama Mia!

  Is it any surprise that people in the USA, Italy and UK consume a whopping combined 4.2 million tonnes of pasta every year? Pasta and Italian dishes overall are a vital part of daily cuisine for millions of us every day. Your trusted experts at Love Italian Life have taken the time to carefully […]

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Exclusive Interview With U.S. MasterChef Winner Luca Manfè

Luca Manfè is the world famous Italian Chef from Friuli-Venezia Giulia who moved to New York to follow the American Dream and in doing so achieved one of them by winning the U.S. Fox Television Show MasterChef with his recent finale attracting over 6 Million viewers. Luca has the honour of being the first male contestant and […]