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Four Ways To Ensure Italian Recipes Mean A Healthy Lifestyle

  Ever wonder why your friends, family and colleagues continue to go on about the benefits of a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle? Maybe it’s because they have just started a diet which explains the nutritional wonders of eating like real Italians, after all according the World Health Organisation Italy currently ranks 6th in the world for […]

7 Glorious Southern Italy Food Recipes You Need In Life

Embed from Getty Images What two things does Naples, Campania, Sicily, Sardinia, Bari, Abruzzo and Calabria all have in common?┬áThe obvious one is that they are all Southern Italy locations, the other being they all produce incredibly tasty Southern Italian food that will make your Italian food tastebuds tingle. The south of Italy offers bolder […]

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6 Incredible Italian Dishes To make You Scream Mama Mia!

  Is it any surprise that people in the USA, Italy and UK consume a whopping combined 4.2 million tonnes of pasta every year? Pasta and Italian dishes overall are a vital part of daily cuisine for millions of us every day. Your trusted experts at Love Italian Life have taken the time to carefully […]