The Best Contemporary Italian Restaurant in Sicily 2018 Nominees Announced

Love Italian Life is delighted to announce the nominees for The Best Contemporary Italian Restaurant in Sicily 2018 Awards voted for by the public.

The shortlisted restaurants will have an exciting opportunity to win a final place in The Love Italian Life 2018 Awards in Dublin on October 11th which is an international ceremony celebrating the best contemporary Italian restaurants and their authentic chefs across Italy, UK and Ireland.

The nominated Michelin Star restaurants in Sicily were selected by an independent panel of Italian food and beverage experts excelling in all key criteria including the quality of ingredients, recipe innovation, contemporary Italian cooking techniques, dish presentation and Italian heritage of chefs. 

Sicily is nicknamed ‘God’s Kitchen’ for a reason because quite simply top Sicilian chefs have access to some of the most distinct vegetables, fruits and herbs in the country. This is the reason why Southern Pasta dishes from the region are exceptional along with powerhouse rice recipes including the global phenomenon of Arancini. Also one cannot speak about Sicilian cuisine without referring to the quality and culinary art form of their Ice cream and sweet pastries such as ‘Braccilatte’ and ‘Cannoli’. The shortlisted restaurants and their chefs are: 


Duomo | Ciccio Sultano 



Locanda Don Serafino | Vincenzo Candiano



Principe Cerami | Massimo Mantarro



Ristorante La Madia | Pino Cuttaia



Online Voting links for each of the restaurants featured above will soon be open to the international public to cast their vote on which shortlisted restaurant should become ‘The Best Contemporary Italian Restaurant in Sicily 2018’. The top two placed restaurants in Sicily will then have an exciting opportunity to attend the final international awards ceremony which is The Love Italian Life 2018 Awards in Dublin on October 11th with the chance to win the following top three awards:

1) The Best Contemporary Italian Restaurant in Sicily Award 

2) The Best Contemporary Italian Restaurant in Italy Award 2018

3) The Best Italian Chef in Europe Award 2018

The Love Italian Life 2018 Awards final ceremony in Dublin on Thursday October 11th will be a sophisticated red carpet event with professional videographers, photographers, international media, journalists, sponsors, live video streaming and engaging event hosts. A drinks reception, diverse range of food and unique entertainment will be provided around the main awards ceremony for all invited Italian chefs making it a truly unforgettable evening for all in attendance. 

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