Federico De Cerchio is the CEO of Torre Zambra in Abruzzo.

Italian wine in Italy from grape to glass is a passionate obsession for producers and consumers the world over. This is due to there being over 800 grape varieties across 20 wine growing regions of stunning vineyards.

According to the world’s largest online wine publication Decanter, the UK & Ireland consumed a record 127 million cases of wine last year and is officially the most popular alcoholic drink for 60% of adults.

Jancis Robinson OBE is regarded as one of the most influential wine writers and critics in Europe with a weekly column for the Financial Times, she also advises on the wine cellar of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. “The key to understanding Italy is that it is a group of regions rather than a single homogeneous country, from the heady, often sweet, ferments of the deep south to the delicate sub-alpine essences of the north. Italy can provide wine lovers with so many distinctive unique flavours and styles” states Jancis on her highly regarded website JancisRobinson.com

John Wilson is the wine correspondent for The Irish TimesItaly is big in the wine world. Producing some 50 million hectolitres of wine each year, it vies with France as the world’s largest producer, responsible for almost a quarter of global production. When you remember that it runs from the wine-producing island of Pantelleria, a mere 60km from Tunisia, to the frozen Alps in the north, you can see why there is such amazing diversity” states John.

Meet Federico De Cerchio, CEO of the Torre Zambra winery which is based in the region of Abruzzo known as “the greenest region in Europe” due to half of its territory, the largest in Europe being set aside as national parks and protected nature reserves.

At the tender age of just 31 years old Federico De Cerchio is one of the youngest and most successful wine industry entrepreneurs in Italy. Born into a family of passionate producers who started their Abruzzese winery back in 1961, Federico graduated from university to immediately set up the e-commerce wine platform ‘Wineowine’ which became one of the most popular websites for purchasing Italian wine online.

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Villamagna DOC is considered the jewel in the crown for the Montepulciano range in Abruzzo.

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