The Top 5 Things To Do In Rome

Amazing fact alert….did you know Rome was the first modern city in civilisation to breach a population of one million people by the year 50 BC?!? Only fitting for a city that over the last few years has climbed to the coveted number 3 position on most visited cities in Europe and is the number 1 place for people to visit when in Italy. Even the legendary Muhammad Ali famously declared his passion for the city by saying “Anywhere I go, there is always an incredible crowd that follows me. In Rome, as I land at the airport, even the men kiss me. I love Rome.”

But what is it though that makes Rome so seductive when planning an action packed european holiday and most importantly what exactly should you, loved ones, friends and family do when deciding to put together a trip to visit all the city has to offer? Wait, don’t panic just yet – we at Love Italian Life have got you covered – here are our Top 5 Things To Do in Rome:


1) Colosseum

With over 5 million visitors a year, does the the top tourist attraction in Italy really need any introduction? The Colosseum is considered to be one of the greatest architectural sights to stage an iconic myriad of ancient warriors, gladiators, spectators and emperors since AD 80. The 50,000 capacity arena has terrific views when you observe the structure from the the highest top level rows which are open to the public. We strongly advise you book a guided tour well in advance with tickets costing approximately €8.



2) Vatican Museums

A cultural and artistic feast of priceless antiquities, precious paintings and irreplaceable sculptures amass in the historic confines of the Vatican Museum which is a must for any serious traveller. Simply take your pick and decide if you would like to lay eyes first on Egyptian mummies, the Sistine Chapel or Michelangelo’s frescoes. With more then 7km of exhibits, our key tip is to buy yourself a guide @ €14 which should help you plan your time effectively. We also recommend you be sure to visit the Vatican library which is considered one of the finest worldwide with collections of over 100,000 medieval manuscripts and more then a million volumes of books!


3) St Peter’s Basilica

Whatever you do, do not leave Rome without visiting the most grandiose and beautifully designed church the city has to offer. Basilica di San Pietro is a architectural masterpiece that dates back to 349 after being constructed by emperor Constantine and includes priceless works of Art such as Bernini’s canopy and Michelangelo’s Pietà. Many historians also agree that deep below the grounds of the marble floors lie St Peter’s tomb which was uncovered during excavations in the 1950s. With more then 15,000 visitors a day, be prepared to queue and please note that no miniskirts or shorts are allowed when you enter the church.

4) Trevi Fountain

Ever since Federico Fellini filmed the enchanting Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita withering around in the Fontana di Trevi – every man wanted to see her and every women wanted to be her. As well as being an iconic cinematic location, it has an unequivocal aura about it which is captured in the enlightened mood of Neptune’s chariot being propelled by sea horses. Make sure you throw a coin into the fountain to join the estimated €3,500 that is thrown in by tourists on a daily basis!

5) Pantheon 

Many regard the Pantheon to be the best kept great ancient monument of the Roman Empire which also contains the biggest unreinforced concrete dome ever made by man. It was originally a 2,000 year old temple which was named after the Greek words ‘pan’ meaning all and ‘theos’ which means god.
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