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Domino’s Pizza is the largest pizza chain worldwide and recently generated just short of two billion U.S. dollars in revenue with 11,629 store locations to date across the globe. Dolmio Italian-themed cooking sauces are the most popular pasta sauces in the UK and Ireland with 52 per cent of the market according to the recent Grocery Eye survey.

Despite their global market dominance why is it then that these so called leading Italian food brands are not able to sell their products to Italian consumers who famously invented Pizza and Pasta sauce in the first place?

Two words…Health Risk.

When’sa your Dolmio day? ‘Occasionally’, new labels to say

The Guardian newspaper recently reported how Mars Food (who own the Dolmio brand) publicly said that their pasta sauces should only be eaten once a week. They also warned their pasta sauces are high in sugar, fat and will carry labels advising shoppers their products are not suitable for everyday consumption. The company has even pledged to cut salt by an average of 20% by 2021 and reduce added sugar in some sauces and light meals by 2018.

If you think about it that’s pretty scary considering that their choice of pasta sauces are what take up the large majority of shelve space in your local supermarket.

Ben Reynolds, deputy coordinator of food and farming alliance Sustain, said he believed companies were “trying to scramble to show they can be good and do the right thing” before the government releases its childhood obesity strategy later this year. Speaking to the BBC News channel, he added: “The truth of it is that anything that comes out of a packet, comes out of a jar, that has been processed, is not going to be particularly healthy for you. “Whether you’re making a quick pasta meal or a Sunday roast, the cheapest and healthiest way is from fresh ingredients.”


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What goes into a Domino’s pizza?

A recent Channel 4 investigation found that Domino’s Pizza is packing more calories and fat into takeaways then the company states and the chain has been criticized over flawed nutritional advice that hides how many calories a slice really contains.

Again that’s concerning considering that a Domino’s Pizza is more or less located in every busy residential location next to schools and workplaces where you live.

Pizza is a way of life in Italy so it was interesting when The Telegraph recently reported that Domino’s Pizza wants to open locations across Italy.

“No major American pizza brand has successfully entered the Italian market and we’re going where no major pizza brand has gone before.” said the president of Domino’s International, Richard Allison.

Domino’s has not been the first American company to try and sell something to Italians that they themselves invented. Ben and Jerry’s opened two ice-cream locations in Italy back in 2011 surviving for just two years while Starbucks attempted to infiltrate Italian coffee houses in 2012 which failed miserably.

Check out some of our favorite tweets from people who found out Domino’s Pizza were trying to enter the Italian market:

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